Cats Talking Words #1 (Physical, hand-made minicomic)

Lauren "Wingéd Elf Girl" Sparks
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4.25x4.25” size, 52 inner pages, hand-bound, black and white laser printed on color and white 24-pound paper. Hand-bound with waxed embroidery floss. This is the first collection of Cats Talking Words, a series of unconnected 1-panel humor comics (read them in any order!) drawn by Lauren Sparks. The comic is made by hearing people say funny things, and then drawing those words being said by cats instead. (it’s useful to know silly people.)

The comics in this collection were drawn in 2011, collected for this minicomic in 2017, and reprinted in small batches since then. The comics can also be read at

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You will receive a physical, handmade minicomic.

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