You Smell Like Pancakes (Physical, hand-made minicomic)

Lauren "Wingéd Elf Girl" Sparks
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4.25x5.5” size, 32 inner pages, hand-bound. Cover is rubber stamp printed on 65-pound cardstock with additional paper decoration (colors vary, shown in photos - if you want a specific color, please say so in your order comment), inner pages are black and white laser printed on 28-pound paper. Hand-bound with waxed embroidery floss. This collection of short interactions is illustrated by Lauren Sparks in grayscale watercolor. The stories are based on my time as a preschool Sunday School teacher. 

The comics in this collection were drawn in 2018-2019, collected for this minicomic in 2019, and has been reprinted in small batches since then.

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You will receive a physical, handmade minicomic.

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